More Than STEM

There’s more to life than school, so be sure to monitor your mental health, have fun and be active!

Coastal Insight Online Learning Series

Join Canadian conservation non-profit, Raincoast for Season 2 of their “Coastal Insights online learning series“. This season, they are collaborating with First Nations partners to bring you a new and fascinating “two eyed seeing” approach to understanding British Columbia’s coast and conservation challenges weaving together the strengths of Indigenous and Western knowledge systems to understand nature.

Each month, they will host two live and interactive virtual programs for students that will bring science, stories, culture, and conservation through virtual lessons and spotlight interviews with some of the coast’s leading experts and inspiring young leaders. 

Themes include combining different types of knowledge, coastal ecology, Indigenous resource management practices, biodiversity, conservation, and more. The program’s content supports BC’s curriculum in the areas of science, social studies and geography.

Your Mental Health

If your mental health is suffering, everything suffers as a result. Whether you need support for anxiety or depression, want to see a family doctor, or are struggling with a stressful situation, Foundry will help you get the services you and your family need, at no cost. Foundry offers their wellness resources, services & support to anyone aged 12-24, online or in person across BC.

STEM and Environmental Science with Kurtis Baute

Are you passionate about climate change and wondering how you can convert an education in Environmental Science into real change in the world? Kick back and check out one of our favourite Environmental Scientists and former TNN speaker, Kurtis Baute, talk climate change denial, dominos, plastic, carbon footprints and more on his Youtube channel.

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